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In lieu of being placed in custody, some offenders are supervised within the community. This type of correctional method is referred to as probation. Probation is sometimes utilized at the end of a prison sentence if the court feels that the offender could be better rehabilitated in the community rather than custody. In other cases, judges and provincial courts use their discretion and view probation as a second chance for first-time offenders.

A judge has the sentencing option of probation when an offender has committed certain categories of criminal offences. The Crown may suggest that the convicted offender take part in community service or make restitution to the victim as part of the probation sentence. Treatment programs and mandatory counselling for problems with drugs, alcohol or mental health concerns can also be a part of an offender’s probation sentencing.

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If a probation officer accuses an offender of violating his or her probation, there may be a warrant filed for their arrest or they may b. called in to appear in court for a probation violation hearing if a violation of probation occurs. Violations of probation can bring significant penalties in Alberta and if you are accused of violating your probation, the criminal defence team at The Law Office of Gunn Law Group can help you understand your options and help you plan the best defence strategy.





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Probation Violations

The criminal defence team at the The Law Office of Gunn Law Group is prepared to stand by your side if you or someone you know is being accused of a juvenile probation violation, DUI probation violation, or any other indictable/felony probation violation. There are many different reasons that a probation officer may accuse an offender of violating the terms of their probation sentence. The convicted offender may have broken a “technical” condition of their probation. Technical violations can include failing to pay fines or restitution, changing one’s residence without prior approval, or failing to attend mandatory counselling sessions or visits with a probation officer. Another reason for accusation is if the convicted offender breached probation by committing a crime while on probation. The probation violation defence team at the The Law Office of Gunn Law Group knows that a simple violation does not mean that you deserve to go to jail.

If you have made a “technical” violation that is your first violation of probation, your probation officer may choose to simply warn you and not filing an arrest warrant. However, in Alberta that may not always be the case: probation officers have the authority to file an arrest warrant even if it is your first “technical” probation violation.

If you have been accused of violation of probation and you believe it may lead to your arrest, contact a lawyer at the The Law Office of Gunn Law Group and we can advise you on your best options.  A probation violation bond is an amount of money that can be paid for your release if a warrant is issued for your arrest. On summary/misdemeanour warrants, the bond amount is often determined right away but in cases of indictable/felony warrants, you would be arrested and booked into jail immediately where you have to wait until the judge decides whether or not you should be set a bond for release.

A skillful lawyer can be extremely valuable to you through this stressful time. In the case where a probation violation bond has been set, a lawyer can help arrange for your surrender to jail. When there is no bond, such as in the case of an indictable/felony probation violation, your lawyer will help arrange your surrender to the court, as well as ask the court to set a bond for your release. If you have already decided to surrender, a lawyer can work to keep law enforcement from actively pursuing you on the warrant.

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Regardless if you violated the conditions of your probation on a technicality or by committing a crime, or if this is your first violation of probation you need a criminal defence firm that can advise you on what to do next and help negotiate with the court in a manner that will serve your best interests. Seek help from probation violation, DUI probation violation and juvenile probation lawyers at the The Law Office of Gunn Law Group before the probation violation hearing. It can mean the difference between having your freedom or serving significant time in prison. Contact us today. Gunn Law Group handles criminal defence of probation violation charges in Fort McMurray, Peace River, Grande Prairie, High Level, Vermilion and other communities in northern Alberta. Call our offices at 1-780-800-7646 and start taking control today.

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