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Youth Offender or Young Offenders

It is extremely important to have an expert youth offender criminal defense team on your side. At the The Law Office of Gunn Law Group, we pride ourselves in young offender treatment that is successful.  We understand the impact that a simple juvenile mistake can have on the future of a young person.  When a juvenile is convicted of a crime, the negative consequences can be devastating. The conviction can follow a young person for years or decades, limiting their opportunities to receive a driver’s license, attend certain educational institutions, compete for adequate employment and enjoy life to its fullest.  We know that you want the juvenile offender to be able to learn their lessons without having a criminal record that costs them the future that they deserve.





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Legal Young Offender Treatment that is Aggressive and Protective

The juvenile offender defense team at the The Law Office of Gunn Law Group prides itself on protecting children in the case of an arrest in the following areas:

  • Robbery
  • Rape & Sexual Assault
  • Drug Crimes (sales, possession, trafficking)
  • Gang related juvenile offenses
  • Gun and Weapons offenses
  • Aggravated assault
  • Murder
  • Defacing public and private property/Vandalism
  • Underage Drinking
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft/Auto Theft
  • Uttering Threats

Time is of the utmost importance to resolve your youth offender matter

We recommend that you contact the juvenile crimes defense team at the The Law Office of Gunn Law Group immediately if your child or a child you know has been arrested and accused of a crime. Having a skilled and experienced lawyer to represent your child as early as possible in the juvenile detention hearing process makes a difference in juvenile offender treatment as well as between seeing your son or daughter every day in your home or having to visit them in a detention center.

Lawyers who have experience in appearing in front of juvenile court judges, have developed a sound reputation among juvenile court prosecutors and who understands how to pursue alternatives to incarceration, fines and other penalties is imperative in resolving your case.

A proper criminal defense team, with skillful juvenile offender treatment, understands the significant differences between the juvenile criminal justice system and the adult criminal justice system. Generally, when the criminal defense team argues properly and the juvenile admits guilt, the court and prosecutors will settle the charges if the juvenile offender agrees to meet certain requirements. Whether the child is accused of being a juvenile sex offender, young sex offender or has been charged with offenses such as assault with a weapon, some of the following undertakings may help with sentence reduction or dismissal:

  • Counseling Programs- Designed to treat drug problems or emotional issues.
  • School Performance- A performance plan that requires the child to attend school regularly and meet certain grade requirements
  • Community Service- The juvenile is required to invest a set number of hours working in his or her community.
  • Restitution- The child or child’s family has to reimburse the victim for the damage that he or she caused.

Contact a lawyer who values your child’s future and best interests

It is of the utmost important to have an expert youth offender criminal defense team on your side. Contact the juvenile crimes defense team at The The Law Office of Gunn Law Group to protect your child’s future. Gunn Law Group handles criminal defense of charges relating to youth offenses in Fort McMurray, Peace River, Grande Prairie, High Level, Vermilion and other communities in northern Alberta.

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