Second Offense DUI

For an individual facing a first-time DUI, DWI, or impaired driving charge there can be very serious consequences and repercussions. If convicted, a person will be served with heavy fines, court costs, legal fees, a license suspension or revocation, and possibly a prison sentence.

If you are facing a second, third, or any number of DUI charges, these charges are far more serious and require that you contact legal counsel immediately. The consequences for these further crimes are much more severe and can be devastating to your family relationships, career, and status within your community.

The criminal defence lawyers at McGlashan & MacKinnon bring a great level of experience and success in defending those charged with a second or third DUI in the province of Alberta. When faced with such charges it is imperative that you receive professional legal counsel immediately to protect your rights and future freedom.

What Are The Penalties For DUIs In Alberta?

First DUI: 12-month license suspension; up to 1 month in jail; monetary fines.

Second DUI: 2-year license suspension; up to 4 months in jail; monetary fines. In addition, sometimes a second DUI may be considered a felony, if there is property damage involved and/or if someone is injured.

Third DUI: Considered a felony; additional penalties and fees may apply.

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A DUI conviction, as your first or subsequent, can have a very negative impact on your family life, your career, your stature within your community, and even your ability to travel internationally. Our criminal defense lawyers in Fort McMurray will protect your rights and your best interests in the Provincial Court system, fighting to have your charges reduced, or dropped entirely.

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