Out of Province DUI

Despite living in another province, an impaired driving charge in Fort McMurray will stay with you until you deal with it. All impaired driving charges applied against your license while you are out of the province (where your license and registration was originally issued) will become part of your permanent record. If you are defending an out-of-province drunk driving charge in Alberta, then you need an out-of-province DUI lawyer.

The impaired driving lawyers at Gunn Law Group are experienced with the drunk driving laws and are ready to work for you. Deal with your DUI charge before you go home, it’s not going away.

We understand how easy it can be for individuals to have a few drinks while working or traveling out of province. You don’t want to take this permanent with you, especially if you blew over 0.08 BAC. Any DUI charge is serious, but especially if you registered over 0.08 BAC during a roadside breathalyzer test. A first offence DUI at the 0.08 BAC level is an indictable offence and will automatically suspend your license for a year.

Fines and Imprisonment for Impaired Driving in Alberta

Minimum Penalties:

  • 1st offence – Fine $1000 and 1 – 3 years driving prohibition.
  • 2nd offence – 30 days in jail and 2 – 5 years driving prohibition.
  • 3rd (or greater) offence – 120 days in jail + not less than 3 year driving prohibition.

Suspension guidelines are based on Alberta’s provincial regulations:

  • 1st offence – 1 year suspension.
  • 2nd offence – 3 years if last conviction was within 10 years.
  • 3rd or more offence – 5 years.

Clear Your Out of Province DUI

The impaired driving lawyers at Gunn Law Group want to get you a clean record in Fort McMurray before you return home to your loved ones. If you call us today, your family may not even know that you were charged. Let us help you clear your name, contact us today.