First Offence DUI

You’ve been pulled over for suspected impaired driving, blew over the legal limit after being given a breathalyzer test, and now you’re facing impaired driving charges – if this is your first offense, knowing how to deal with a DUI conviction can seem extremely daunting.

The first thing you need to know when facing impaired driving charges is that you need professional help, from an experienced impaired driving lawyer.

The penalties for a first impaired driving offense vary depending on your blood alcohol content at the time you were charged.

First Offense with 0.05-0.08 Blood Alcohol Content in Alberta

The consequences of driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) that is below the federal limit are considered to be early-intervention measures for first time offenders. The penalties for first-time DUI convictions within this range include immediate three day license suspension, and three day vehicle seizure.

Drivers charged with impaired driving that register 0.05-0.08 BAC are not subject to criminal prosecution within the province of Alberta.

First Offense with Over 0.08 Blood Alcohol Content in Alberta

Driving with a blood alcohol content over 0.08 results in criminal charges, regardless of whether it is your first offense. In addition to immediate license suspension, and three day vehicle seizure, you can face the following consequences:

- Criminal charges
- Fines of a minimum $1000, up to a maximum $5,000
- Sustained license suspension until criminal charges are resolved
- Mandatory “Planning Ahead” course
- Mandatory one-year ignition interlock after criminal conviction

If You are Charged with Refusing the Breathalyzer

In the event that you refuse the breathalyzer, or are unable to provide a breath sample during a roadside sobriety test, you will be charged with impaired driving and face the same penalties as drivers found to be over the 0.08 BAC limit.

Our experienced DUI lawyers will help build your impaired driving defense to make sure that there is no extension of your immediate license suspension, and protect your right to a fair trial.

Ignition Interlock Program in Alberta

If you are facing your first impaired charge with a BAC of over 0.08, you may qualify for the Ignition Interlock Program. This program is designed to allow people convicted of impaired driving the opportunity to have their license reinstated.

A first time DUI charge can cost you more than just monetary fines, it impacts your day-to-day life by restricting your mobility – our dedicated team of experienced DUI lawyers can help minimize the long-term effects of your first offense by fighting to have your Ignition Interlock application approved by a judge.

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Don’t let your first impaired driving offense derail your life. Our trusted team of lawyers are experienced in helping people like you, overcome challenges faced by DUI charges and are committed to minimizing the damages caused by your first offense.

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