DUI Resulting in Serious Injury or Death

Drunk driving accidents that result in fatalities or serious injury are subject to severe penalties as outlined in Canada’s Criminal Code. If you have been convicted of impaired driving for an accident that caused serious bodily harm or death, you are facing an extended prison sentence and mandatory license suspension of at least 10 years.

Given the severity of these circumstances, it is extremely important that you contact an experienced DUI lawyer, immediately, to defend your case. The criminal defence lawyers at Gunn Law Group have the experience and dedication that you need in order to address the charges against you.

Breathalyzer Tests for Impaired Driving Accidents

Due to the nature of automobile accidents caused by impaired driving, a driver may not be able to provide a breath blood-alcohol sample. In the event that you are physically incapable of submitting to a breathalyzer test, a blood sample will be required. Failure to provide a blood sample will result in an automatic DUI charge that carries the same penalties as driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08.

Consequences for Impaired Driving Causing Death in Alberta

Impaired driving resulting in serious bodily harm carry penalties of potential imprisonment and license suspension for up to 10 years. Accidents causing immediate or subsequent death can lead to life imprisonment and the indefinite suspension of your driver’s license.

In addition to the penalties outlined within the Criminal Code of Canada, drivers may also face the following consequences:

  • Termination of employment and/or difficulty finding future jobs
  • Increase in car insurance premiums
  • Difficulty obtaining citizenship and/or immigration issues
  • A permanent criminal record
  • Restriction from working with or caring for children
  • Permanent suspension of drivers’ licence
  • Court-ordered treatment programs
  • Mandatory Ignition Interlock Program

Even if this is your first impaired driving offence, any DUI that results in serious injury or death can lead to an extended jail sentence. In accidents where people are seriously injured, the court can still convict a driver of manslaughter if the victim dies due to the injuries they have sustained.

DUI Lawyers in Fort MacMurry Can Help To Reduce Your Sentence

If you have been charged with impaired driving that has resulted in death or bodily harm, you are facing several life-altering consequences and need the help of an experienced and dedicated DUI lawyer to help you address the charges against you. Call the criminal defence team at Gunn Law Group; we will fight to protect your right to a fair trial and will help to minimize the severity of your sentencing.