Driving Without Insurance

Uninsured Driver Defense Lawyer In Alberta

In Alberta there are certain minimum automobile insurance requirements that all car owners must adhere to. These requirements are for your own good as they ultimately protect you, loved ones and other drivers in case of an accident. Often times however car insurance premiums can be costly and unaffordable. Regardless, it is against the law to operate a motor vehicle in Alberta without insurance.

If you have been charged with driving without insurance, or failure to show proof of insurance you should consult with a Fort McMurray Traffic Violation Lawyer right away. Call Gunn Law Group at 1-780-800-7646. Or, email the firm by clicking here.





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Driving Without Insurance Penalties

Since driving without insurance is a illegal in Fort McMurray there are various penalties associated with being convicted depending on how you were caught. The following penalties, fines and fees may be imposed on an uninsured motorist in Fort McMurray:

  • Driving without insurance: $598 – consisting of a fine of $520 plus a victim surcharge of $78.
  • Failing to produce an insurance document: a fine of $81 – consisting of a fine of $70 plus a victim surcharge of $11.
  • Failing to display a decal on your licence plate: a fine of $109 – consisting of a fine of $95 plus a victim surcharge of $14.

In all 3 cases, the fine is reduced by $25 if you pay it within 30 days. The police usually write the penalty amount on the ticket. If you go to court to fight the ticket or the amount, the fine can be different – see below for more on this.

Contact An Alberta Driving Without Insurance Defense Lawyer

Being charged with driving without insurance can cause you a substantial amount of aggravation on many levels such as financial, legal and professional. If your license is suspended your ability to remain employed may be impacted. It may make sense to call a skilled Fort McMurray traffic ticket lawyer to help protect your rights. Contact Gunn Law Group at 877 557 5845 Or, reach the firm via email here.

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