Cocaine Possession And Trafficking

Although Canadian society seems to consider cocaine a very serious drug because of its addictive qualities and the effects it has on users, the prevalence of cocaine has risen steadily in recent years among recreational drug users. The Crown will take every opportunity to prosecute offenders to the full extent of the law when it comes to possession and trafficking of cocaine. First time drug offense laws and programs will not be employed when the Crown prosecutes possession and cocaine trafficking charges.

Being charged with cocaine possession in Alberta is a very serious offense and will require the services of a skilled Fort McMurray criminal lawyer. Without the guidance of a drug defense lawyer, you could face serious consequences that will stay with you for years to come.





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Consequences For Cocaine Possession
And Cocaine Trafficking In Alberta

Because cocaine is associated with many gangs or violent crime offenders, you will quickly discover that the Crown will seek the highest consequences under the law for the trafficking of cocaine in Alberta. Being convicted of drug trafficking cocaine will result in a jail term which could be extended to a 7-year prison sentence if convicted of an indictable offense. A veteran drug defense lawyer in Fort McMurray can help you avoid these sentences or get them minimized.

Charged With Crack Cocaine Possession
With The Purpose Of Trafficking?

Cocaine and crack-cocaine are considered to be the same level of drug under Alberta’s drug laws. Because crack is a derivative of cocaine and has many of the same health repercussions and addictive qualities, it is included under the same charges and sentencing. Being charged with the possession of crack, dealing crack, or any other crime related to cocaine possession, means that you need professional representation. Call Gunn Law Group’s criminal lawyers in Fort McMurray today to find out how our narcotics lawyer can help you avoid harsh penalties and fines.

Call The Veteran Drug Lawyers For Fort McMurray

Cocaine trafficking or cocaine charges in Alberta can result in serious consequences that can affect your family life and career for years to come. Trust our criminal legal team to challenge the evidence against you and confront the investigation you endured. Call Gunn Law Group’s criminal law office and let us help you face your drug charges in Alberta. We have a criminal lawyer standing by to serve you. Call today – 1-780-800-7646.

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