Rebecca Cuthbertson-Hulst

Edmonton Impaired Driving Lawyer

In December 2018, Rebecca M. J. Cuthbertson Hulst joined Gunn Law Group from Torch Law & Mediation, with her motto: “Lighting the pathways to resolution”. At Gunn Law Group, she will be practicing primarily as a Registered Collaborative Family Lawyer, as Independent Counsel for Children and Youth, and as a Child-Inclusive Mediator.

Rebecca has a passion for Family Law. Since her call to the bar in 2003, she has been educating and assisting clients in navigating the rocky terrain of family law issues. She assists her clients to become full participants in the settlement process by explaining the law and discussing the clients’ options to help reach amicable resolutions outside of Court whenever possible. Rebecca trained as an Independent Counsel for children and youth in 2005, and she has been a Mediator and Registered Collaborative Family Lawyer since 2010.

When she is not at work or with her family, Rebecca enjoys speaking and judging at Toastmasters events; she is a regular donor with Canadian Blood Services; and she sits on the National Family Section of the Canadian Bar Association as the Branch Chair for Alberta (North).