Carmen Boucher

Edmonton Impaired Driving Lawyer

Practicing in Family Law, Wills and Estates, and Adult Guardianship matters, Carmen is passionate about helping clients navigate their legal matters via negotiation and settlement rather than through adversarial processes, if possible. While Carmen has successfully litigated a number of family law and estate matters, she firmly believes that a collaborative, respectful approach helps all parties emerge from the process in a much better place. However, she also understands that a collaborative approach may not be available in all situations and she will strongly advocate for her client in court when it is appropriate.

Coming from a small, francophone community in rural northern Alberta helps Carmen to understand the situation of Albertans and their families. She has been a Registered Collaborative Family Lawyer since 2017 and participated in collaborative training for estate lawyers in 2018. Carmen is focused on assisting clients be more involved in the outcome of their divorce and estate matters in order to better meet their needs.

Carmen is also a trained mediator and is always pleased to help clients who prefer to work together to reach the best possible solution for their family in that manner. Mediation allows all parties to make their own decisions and to choose the route to their future.

As a French-speaking Albertan, Carmen is happy to speak with clients in French and also welcomes the opportunity to assist people in the LGBTQ community as well as those with alternative lifestyles.