Looking Past the Flood to Canada Day

On the heels of Alberta-wide floods that affected Fort McMurray, local residents look forward to celebrating Canada Day. Fort  McMurray residents were successful in pulling together as a community to restore areas damaged by the flood and support victims that were in need.

While the municipality are asking many questions about how they can be more prepared in the future for natural disasters, organizers of festivities are hard at work to get things ready for a day people love to celebrate.

Responsible Celebrations

Celebrations will be held at the Clearwater field off of Hardin Street. RCMP have suggested that people who wish to partake should carpool or take public transportation to the area. If you’re drinking, be sure to have a designated driver. Parking will be an issue, but more importantly police will be looking for those suspected of drinking and driving.


It is important to remember that Canada Day celebrations are held for families and partygoers alike. The number one priority for police is making sure that everyone gets home safely. Checkstops will be run in the local area to net people who have be driving impaired. Police also remind residents that traffic stops contribute to DUI charges more than Checkstops. If you think you’ve had one too many, do the responsible thing and don’t drive.

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Posted on June 27th, 2013